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3.1 KB 2013-Apr-08
[mp3] BGM-01-Ghajini_Theme.mp3


5.9 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-02-Sanjay_Intro.mp3


5.1 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-03-Guzarish_Theme_1.mp3


5.8 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-04-Guzarish_Theme_2.mp3


2.0 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-05-Guzarish_Poem_ft.Aamir.mp3


2.4 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-06-Sanjay_Fun_Theme.mp3


1.9 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-07-Kalapana_Theme.mp3


3.2 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-08-Kalpana_Maadam.mp3


2.7 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-09-Kalpana_Fun_Theme.mp3


4.7 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-10-Duplicate_Sanjay.mp3


1.7 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-11-Boyfriend.mp3


1.9 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-12-Party.mp3


2.1 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-13-I_Love_You.mp3


2.6 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-14-Behka_Theme.mp3


7.7 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-15-Kaise_Mujhe_Theme.mp3


3.1 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-16-They_Killed_Her.mp3


3.2 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-17-Sunita_Theme.mp3


4.0 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-18-Run_ft.Yogi_B.mp3


1.8 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-19-Gift.mp3


3.6 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-20-Sanjay_at_Ghajinis_House.mp3


1.8 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-21-Sunita_at_Sanjays_Flat.mp3


2.6 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-22-Fight_at_Parking_Lot.mp3


3.0 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-23-Fight_at_Mall.mp3


822.3 KB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-24-Fight_Theme_1.mp3


4.2 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-25-Fight_Theme_2.mp3


3.0 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-26-Fight_Theme_3.mp3


1.5 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-27-Fight_Theme_4.mp3


3.6 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-28-Kill_him.mp3


704.1 KB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-29-Following.mp3


1.6 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-30-Hostel.mp3


3.5 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-31-Two_Missing.mp3


4.1 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-32-Kalpana_Murdered.mp3


15.6 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-33-Police_Officer_Theme.mp3


2.5 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-34-Favour.mp3


1.5 MB 2011-May-19
[mp3] BGM-35-TV_Ads.mp3


976.0 KB 2011-May-19
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